Lake Vermilion:

Lake Vermilion has been noted as one of the 10 most-scenic lakes in the United States and offers a unique Canadian Shield fishing experience without the hassle of crossing the border. This 40,557 acre jewel located between the towns of Tower and Cook Minnesota sports 365 islands and has gained a reputation as one of the premier trophy muskie fisheries in the world.

Josh is the only guide to produce fish in every Minnesota Musky Tournament Trail event and Musky Angler Circuit event held on Lake Vermilion for four consecutive years including a win in 2009.


Minneapolis/St. Paul:

The metro area offers a wide variety of muskie lakes to choose from including larger lakes with clear deep water and smaller lakes with shallow turbid water and everything in between. The best part about it is that almost all of these lakes have the potential to kick out a 50 plus inch muskie.While the metro area may not be as scenic as the Northland, there are times when the muskie bite in the metro area will

While the metro area may not be as scenic as the Northland, there are times when the muskie bite in the metro area will produce better than just about anywhere in the state. June, Late August, September, Early October, and November are all good times to target the metro area lakes for muskie fishing.

Lakes guided include Lake Minnetonka, Forest Lake, Lake Independence, White Bear Lake, Eagle Lake, St. Croix River, Lake Owasso, Lake Waconia, Bald Eagle Lake, and most other muskie lakes in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Josh has notched wins and several top ten tournament finishes on metro area lakes as well including a Professional Musky Tournament Trail World Championship win on Lake Minnetonka.

Clear Lake, Iowa:

Clear Lake is a 3684 acre spring-fed lake formed by glacial action nearly 14,000 years ago. The muskie fishing on Clear Lake has boomed in recent years due to improved stocking efforts and a dredging project completed in 2009 on the west end of the lake which helped increase water depth in that area of the lake.

In 2012, Josh teamed up with fishing partners Grant Lodden and Matt Percival for the Muskies Inc. Spring Tune Up on Clear Lake. Grant had the hot hand boating two muskies and losing a third while winning the event.

Other Destinations

Josh also guides on a handful of other lakes and rivers by request.