“I’ve fished muskies for over 30 years and after doing it on my own the HARD way for most of those years, I finally decided to hire some Professional Guides.

Since hiring those guides my catch rate has went way up. I’ve now fished with a lot of great fisherman, and some very good guides. However, Josh Borovsky is something special, he really stands out! It’s like being in the boat with all day with a muskie DVD/VIDEO!

He taught me more in our 1 day trip than all my other guide trips combined! I’ve never learned so much while seeing and catching muskies! He is the GOLD standard and the only guide I’ll ever consider from now on!

Give yourself a gift, spend a day on the water with Josh.

Max Wiese – Champlin, MN

“Talking with Josh for 10 minutes makes one thing very clear: Josh is a detail-driven angler who spends hours studying muskies. Fishing with Josh for 1 day makes another thing clear: Josh’s intense attention to detail produces fish. Josh took me fishing to demonstrate a particular presentation to me. Within two hours we had each caught a +40-inch muskie. Exactly how he said we would.”

Tony Capecchi – Outdoor Writer

“Fishing with Josh put my fears of hiring a guide to rest. I always have fun and I always learn something new. The guy just knows how to find huge muskies.”

Chris Corless – Minneapolis, MN

“What can I say about Josh Borovsky? The dude is seriously part muskie!”

Mike Ryan – Chicago, IL

“Josh Borovsky is an excellent musky angler and a true professional. He represents himself well in front of the public and is gaining publicity within the industry.”

Ted Takasaki – Professional Fishing Angler

“I really enjoyed getting to fish with you Josh, I learned a lot and I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. And heck, I even caught a 20 plus pound muskie in the first 15 minutes! (although I felt like I was 100 years old that nite after throwing the double cowgirl for nearly 5 hours, sheesh).”

Scott Barnard, Minnetonka, MN

Josh here is a photo of the 51 incher I caught with you out on Mille Lacs. Thanks again! Here is a testimonial I wrote up in case you want to use it for your web site. Hope to go fishing with you again soon!

“When it comes to chasing muskies, Josh is focused and pays attention to detail. What differentiates him from other muskie pros is that he has an ability to adapt and innovate. Because of this and his willingness to reach out and share his knowledge and experience with others, I am always anticipating my next muskie trip with Josh.”

Charlie Dudley – Winter Park, Florida

“Josh’s countless hours on the water show through in his ability to assess the conditions, figure out a pattern, and come up with a productive game plan on a routine basis. Josh maximized every minute of our time on the water through resourceful planning to ensure that we were in the right places at the right times. Fishing with Josh has yielded my personal best musky, tiger musky, and northern pike. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Josh for your next fishing adventure.”

Chad Gilbertson- Nashotah, WI